Writing support for your business

It isn't time... It isn't knowledge...
But what is not having your book available costing you? 

Some of you might be leaving 5, 6, or even 7 figures on the table every year!

The mystery behind your book not being done is the overwhelming feeling of not knowing the steps it takes.
Once you know the process, you could be just a few hours away from creating the book that will uplevel your business. 
I want to help you move forward with your dreams. 

Wendy Strain is a ghostwriter and writing coach for business, non-fiction, and fiction writers

Who is Wendy and what does she know?

Ghostwriter and Editor 
For more than 20 years, Wendy has been writing and editing for newspapers, literary journals, business applications, grant proposals, entrepreneurs, coaches, and individuals in a variety of formats.
Writing Instructor
Awarded Teaching Excellence Award by her students every year of her University-level writing instructor career, Wendy's focus on and off campus remains writing that benefits her students' current and future goals.
Having started 5 of her own businesses and been involved with the start-up and development of numerous others through her work over two years with a business incubator group, Wendy adds the rare talent of a writer who understands the business space.
Content Strategist and Marketer
Deeply passionate about her craft and the success of the businesses she's been involved with, Wendy has also developed, through rea/-world experience and deliberate training, a strong knowledge of marketing techniques and processes that work today - including a BA in Graphic Design to back up her ideas. 
Results Oriented
Between rush newspaper deadlines, deliver or die grant proposal submission dates, and the sometimes cut-throat business world where getting your materials out on time can mean millions of revenue, Wendy understands the importance of juggling competing priorities while still getting the job done.